The Neumann Fellowship

The Neumann Fellowship

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Founded by Digital Society Fund & TalentLabs, the Neumann Fellowship is inspired by John von Neumann, one of the pioneers of modern computing. This Fellowship builds on Neumann’s legacy to create new ideas and technologies that will drive future change.

This prestigious Fellowship is a rigorous programme dedicated to provide the opportunity & resources necessary for STEM graduates to build their career in Technology. Throughout the 18-months programme, Fellows will receive a fully-sponsored technology education, personalised mentoring, networking opportunities and continuous professional development initiatives to help you reach your full potential.

We select our Fellows not only based on their leadership ability and academic achievement, but also on whether they have demonstrated the potential to become the global leaders of technology in the next generation.

We aim to bring together the best and most talented individuals that look ahead to the next big challenges that may come humanity’s way; and support the next generation of Neumanns in the innovations and discoveries that would shape a better future of the new economy & society.

Fellowship Structure

It is our ultimate goal to help you to land your dream job in the tech sector. You will be given a choice to pursue one of the two courses TalentLabs curated. The Certified Associate in Software Engineering (CASE) programme is an immersive full-stack coding programme which prepares our fellows to become skilled software developers. On the other hand, the Certified Associate in Data Analytics (CADA) course introduces fellows to the application of the tools of modern data analytics, visualisation and optimisation to solve real-world business problems. This fellowship will help you to put together a portfolio of real-world project work and provide you the opportunities to be placed at one of the most prestigious technology companies within our networks to further your career.

Fellows will embark on a 6-months journey to become a Certified Associate in Software Engineering or Data Analytics. During the fellowship, you will be involved in a high impact and immersive learning experience, with the guidance of an assigned supervisor from leading technology companies. You will develop industry-relevant skills that can be applied to real-world business scenarios. After the 3 months of technical training, we will kick start our placement initiative by having a placement week. During this week, we will arrange placement interviews for every fellow with our hiring partners. Successful candidates will be offered a 1-year placement at the company. You will have the chance to work with industry experts, while continuing your 6-month training course.

Key Information
The Neumann Fellowship
Course Provider


Courses Offered

Software Engineering
Data Analytics

Application Deadline

30th September 2021

Upcoming Cohorts

September 2021 - December 2022

Programme Duration

15-18 Months (Including 1-year placement)

Fellowship Location

Fully Remote for training

Placement Location (if any)

Home country of fellow